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10 BEST Places to Visit in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington is a multi-faceted metropolis in the Pacific Northwest that has gained in popularity over the previous two decades. Seattle boasts a dining culture that includes respected local chefs and internationally recognized food, in addition to its status as the world’s espresso cart capital. The city is immensely multicultural, with art and architecture influenced by the Pacific Rim. Residents can choose between a peaceful or a fast-paced and entrepreneurial way of life in the city. Water is abundant in the city, both freshwater, and saltwater, and the city’s marine history is evident.

There are some top places in Seattle given below.

1. Space Needle Seattle, Washington

Space Needle was built for 1962’s world fair. It controls Seattle’s skyline with its height. It is 184 meters tall. The Space Needle gave the visitors a great view from its top. You can see everywhere in Seattle and the faraway Olympic Mountains. On the ground level of Space Needle, there have some restaurants. The best time to get a ride on the lift is the sunset. This is the world’s first and only one that uses rotating glass for a better view.


  • Space Needle Seattle, Washington

2. Pike Place Market Seattle, Washington

Almost every visitor visiting Seattle or the Pacific Northwest includes Pike Place Market on their itinerary. It is an amazing market. It is not a huge market but special. The market is open for 363 days a year, the rest the two days are Thanksgiving and Christmas. There you see many shops like Fruits, vegetables, fish, butchers, flower shops, bakeries, dairy and a variety of many vendors and restaurants.


  • Pike Place Market Seattle, Washington

3. Washington State Ferries Seattle, Washington

The iconic ferries have become a source of pride for residents of the Pacific Northwest. Tourists treat the ferry as an attraction in and of itself during the summer months, resulting in a huge increase in business. Visitors with binoculars head to the top viewing platform to breathe in the salty air in the hopes of spotting a pod of whales.
Commuters, on the other hand, are more likely to be found in the main cabin, brows furrowed, working on one of the ferries’ giant jigsaw puzzles throughout the winter. This beloved ritual enchants regulars who board the ferry and rush to the enormous tables where the puzzles begin and end in a never-ending cycle of impermanence.


  • Washington State Ferries Seattle, Washington

 4. Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle, Washington

The magnificent, bold, and colorful creations by famous artist and Washington native Dale Chihuly attract visitors to Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. This fascinating attraction, located close to the Space Needle at the Seattle Centre, offers tourists much to see and do, from large-scale glass sculptures to dreamy outdoor installations.
You will learn all about the inspirations and influences that have formed the glass master’s work through a beautiful display of visual art. Plan on spending a few hours enjoying the paintings spread out among 8 galleries and gardens, and there will be lots of photo opportunities.


  • Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle, Washington

5. Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, Washington

Making a remarkable memory and gathering experience of a natural world in a zoo you should go once to Woodland Park Zoo. On the north side of downtown Seattle, the zoo is located. There are 1000 animals act for 300 species from all over the world. Here you can see big mammals, one horn rhino, African Giraffe, and many others. The zoo saves wildlife and gave them a new home.


  • Woodland Park Zoo Seattle, Washington

6. Discovery Park Seattle, Washington

In the city Discovery park is the biggest park. It covers around 550 acres. It is one of the top beaches in Seattle. The park encloses coastline, forest, and grassland giving its wildlife a perfect home. You can enjoy a great view of Olympic Mountain. There are two trails Loop Trails and Beach Trails, these are the most popular way to see great views. An environmental instruction team provides a reciprocal display and details about the park for all ages.


  • Discovery park Seattle, Washington

7. Museum of Flight Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, the Museum of Flight is a great place to visit and enjoy the wonder of flight. The museum was built around 15- acre and have over 160 Spacecraft, a flight simulator, and the main Boeing aircraft factory. You’ll see the machines and hear the stories of those who flew them, from the world’s oldest fighter aircraft for the supersonic Concorde, NASA’s only full-size space shuttle simulator, and the magnificent Boeing 787 Dream airliner. The Aviation Pavilion, a 3-acre open-air gallery with a cafe and a children’s playground, showcases the remarkable evolution of huge aircraft in an open-air gallery.


  • Museum of Flight Seattle, Washington

8. Green Lake Park Seattle, Washington

Green Lake Park surrounds a small natural lake built by a glacier during the previous ice age, making it a popular hunting ground for runners, personal trainers, and beautifully tattooed sunbathers. The walkways that wind around the lake are frequently used by people on all types of wheels and provide some of the best people-watching in the city.
To conserve parkland around the lake, city officials reduced the lake’s water level by 7 feet in the early 1900s, expanding the shoreline. Ravenna Creek, which used to feed the lake, stopped flowing once it was lowered. Green Lake had become sluggish and had become overrun with foul-smelling green algae.


  • Green Lake Park Seattle, Washington

9. Kerry Park Seattle, Washington

Kerry Park is a slice of greenery halfway up the hill that leads into Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. The park is known for its spectacular views of the city, which include the iconic Space Needle in the foreground. If you go through the postcards in any shop in town, you’ll see at least one photo taken from this vantage point. The vista alone is worth the short hike up the hill, but the small Queen Anne neighborhood also boasts plenty of terrific restaurants and low-key bars, as well as lovely mansions with spectacular views of the city and the sound.


  • Kerry Park Seattle, Washington

10. The Seattle Art Museum Seattle, Washington

The Seattle Art Museum, on the other hand, was founded in 1933 and is a historical landmark in Seattle. The Seattle Art Museum was rebuilt and enlarged in 1991, now taking up half a city block and featuring the iconic hammering man outside the “Art Ladder,” which is open to the public and free. There are 25,000 pieces in the collection from throughout the world, and new exhibitions are added monthly. While we think the SAM membership is a terrific investment, the museum offers free admission on the first Thursday of each month if you’re on a tight budget.


  • The Seattle Art Museum Seattle, Washington

Travel Route Seattle, Washington

In Seattle, you saw a large no of Monorail. Mostly it uses for taking a fast trip middle of Downtown’s West-lake Center and Seattle Center. In Seattle, there are two Streetcar lines, one in south lake union and the second one in the first hill. Also, there have taxis, bikes, car rentals, water taxis, ferries, and many others.

Concluding Remarks

To get the most out of your trip, go to these places. Hope this information gives you the inside scoop on anything you should know about your vacation before you go. Go to Seattle and explore what it has.

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