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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Finland’s Company Aiven Raised $100 M In Its Series C Funding.

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Aiven 100M Series 800M

The software company Aiven, which integrates the best open source technology with cloud infrastructure, announced that it has raised $100M in its Series C round of funding, bringing the total amount invested in the company to $150M at a valuation of more than $800M. With the assistance of new investors World Innovation Lab and Salesforce Ventures, Atomico oversaw the investment. Earlybird Venture Capital and IVP, Aiven‘s Series A and Series B lead investors, both significantly boosted their capital commitments to the company.

The funds from the round will be used by Aiven to launch new products, enhance contributions to the creation of open source technology, and carry out the company’s global expansion. The increased investment and new investors will enable Aiven to more effectively target underserved markets and their goods are relevant to all markets. Over the following year, the company intends to quadruple its staff size and establish an official open source program office.

Aiven’s CEO and co-founder, Oskari Saarenmaa, stated that the company’s goal is to promote open source and improve the quality of life for developers in all it does. The most recent funding will let us keep developing new service features, expand our workforce, enter new markets, and give back to the open source community more meaningfully.

In January 2021, open source database administration services were used more frequently than paid services for the first time ever. Every sector of our global economy, including energy metering, retail analytics, and home automation, is powered by open source. If administered internally, many currently used tools place a significant operational strain. Aiven enables businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily set up, operate, and monitor their end-to-end secure open source data infrastructure across all key public cloud platforms, from cutting-edge startups to global players like Comcast, Fiverr, Vidio, Wolt, and more.

Aiven 100M 800M

“They think Aiven will take first place in the world for providing stunning open source data infrastructure that simply works. globally and quickly, “explained Partner at Atomico Hiro Tamura”. Due to their simplicity, scalability, and transparency, the open source solutions that Aiven provides are currently the top option for the data needs of multinational corporations. In order for developers and teams to concentrate on creating apps rather than infrastructure, Aiven offers a crucial service to alleviate the hassles associated with administering some of these fantastic technologies both internally and on the cloud.

Know About Aiven

PostgreSQL, Kafka, and M3 are just a few of the managed open source data technologies that Aiven provides on all major clouds. Aiven also maintains offices in Berlin, Sydney, Toronto, and Boston in addition to company headquarters in Helsinki. In the meanwhile, we handle the infrastructure for cloud data as best as we can. We make it possible for our customers to use open source to get commercial results that truly transform entire industries.

About Atomico

With a specific focus on Europe, Atomico invests in aspirational tech innovators at the Series A and beyond, utilizing its extensive operational expertise to accelerate their growth. The founders, investors, and operational leaders of Atomico have been in charge of hiring, marketing, and international expansion at businesses including Skype, Google, Twitter, and Uber. The company presently manages $2.7 billion in assets.

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